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Online Poker Tells – You Can’t See Them But You Can Judge Them!

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Do online poker say really exist? A tell? What is it A poker tell is some sort of gesture, subconscious act or other way of playing a person who is playing a poker (or really in action).

Playing poker is essential for being able to read, but can you say anything about a player’s online? The answer is YES.

Most pros of online poker will tell you that they are very, very, very revealing poker online.

For example, most agree that the speed of play is a very good say, or indication of what your opponent is holding.

Online Poker offers you the option to make your move to play until you wait for the option, or you can select the ‘Turn in’ button option.

This means checking, folding, betting or raising to relates to your turn before you even act.

So whatever option you wish, when its your turn, the action is almost instant.

As a good example, the quick bet is usually the weakness of an indication.

Similarly, the delayed response is usually the strength of an indication. As the delay is often a strong hand with what to do on calculation.

Some online poker says are very obvious, and can suggest that your opponent is a beginner.

For example, a beginner will usually make a bet before making a bet.

7 card stud poker, and checks.

You see he is a deal-a-three on his next street, and is now betting very high.

Is he so stupid to bet high on a pair of threes? You know he has paired his queen in the last street.

Chat boxes also mean a great deal in online poker.

If the player has been chatting away and all of a sudden goes silent … something is amiss.

This is a great online poker tell.

This sudden quiet is concentraton maybe some good cards.

However, its also a way to bluff, so you really need to be a chatter of observation.

Another really indicative tell is the lightening check.

In 9 times out of 10 this is most likely weakness. Why?

Because when players quickly use the check and fold buttons, it means they are planning on folding their hands for any coming bet.

However, and note that checking quickly means weakness, use caution if the player checks and raises.

To be more precise, as a player check-raises, you can almost bet that at first, the check was a bluff to bet into his strong hand.

Finally, another easy tell is the pause followed by the bet.

You can be certain this is a tell, and it is usually strength.

In other words, the player who delays longer than normal and then suddenly bets, has a strong hand.

This means that he is trying to tell you his hand is weak, and he needs time to think. He really hopes to call you a bait.

For certain online poker tells you a lot of different live table play, but nevertheless, you will find the above guidelines while playing the game play online.

You may not be able to see their face but the fact is that you can observe their way of playing.

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